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Nikki Gets Fucked All Over Hotel Room


Spotted at a mall and left all alone

Hey everybody! Welcome back to another adventure in bliss with our new friend from the land of red, white, and blue! After cruising for some weekend pussy, he spotted this beautiful long-haired Thai princess named Nikki. She was sitting alone in an upscale shopping center. At first introduction, one is quickly shocked by just how well she speaks English. And also gets the social innuendos of hooking up. Sporting a constant fuck-me smile and visions of bliss as a hot Asian gets fucked… her!

After finding out the damsel has been stood up by friends. The only thing on our friend’s mind here was standing her up against random furniture and fucking the hell out of this wonderful beauty! With a quick invite to go shopping together, the two were off to spend the day together at the mall. Playing it cool right to the punchline, we jump scenes to right outdoors where he plays the whole “I gotta go” card *insert record scratch*… what?

With disappointment, she quickly fires back with a “mind if I come, too?”, chock full of begging doe eyes and bashful body wiggle. And let’s just say that on the ride there in the back of a Tuk Tuk, the look on her face as she buried herself into her text messages to brag about what is about to go down as this hot Asian gets fucked was more than exciting, it was fantastic! A really fun-loving girl that despite being quite modern and worldly, still can’t resist a tall white man with charm and bulge in his pants. But does she fuck as good as she looks? You’re about to find out after seeing the hot Asian girl fucked on camera.


Moments after arriving back at the hotel. Nikki here was quick to sit right down with a smile that says “fuck me, I’m ready”. And if that wasn’t enough to tell anyone that she was game to be thrown around the room attached to his dick. She just simply pulling off her thong at first sight of her ass without any form of resistance. Sparked a sexy tirade of fast disrobing, grabbing, and fondling. Then a deep warm dick sucking all the way to the back of her throat. All while still sporting a sexy, cute, and devilish little smile.

Something tells us that she’s quite glad her friends stood her up! We sure are. What followed next was what could best be described as a battle of wet perfection. Versus the nearly uncontrollable urge to blow at high dough, all over her doughy soft warm insides as this hot Asian gets fucked on camera. With her beautifully inviting chubby tits and perfect fat ass jiggling, wiggling, and bucking to the immense pleasure of beauty vs brawn. All over the fucking hotel room!

No piece of furniture was safe from today’s chubby Thai babe. Queue in the maid!Until next time guys and gals. Stay happy, stay safe, and for the love of all that has holes… stay horny. See more Thai porn movies and sex videos with Nikki at Tuk Tuk Patrol


Date: December 14, 2020
Actors: Nikki

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